Workshops help jobless, VC Star, 2014

The 5-day OPEN workshop, support from members by coming to the meetings, and resume scrubs helped me land interviews and my current job opportunity.– OPEN Alumnus, graduated Mar. 2015

Michael Borkovitz December 12, 2015

OPEN gave me the edge. I learned how to effectively SELL myself in today’s job market. You will too! — OPEN Alumna, graduated Aug. 2013

Becky Zemlyn December 12, 2015

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OPEN members helped me go back to school and update my skills. The workshops, scrubs, and opportunities to volunteer gave me confidence to move forward in my career. — OPEN Alumna, Aug. 201

Sharon Selvidge December 12, 2015

I got more from your five 1 ⁄ 2 day workshop than I did from nine months with an outplacement firm. — OPEN Alumnus, graduated Jan. 2015

Michael Cavanaugh December 12, 2015

My OPEN experience was key to getting back into the workforce. Three weeks after the workshop I received and accepted an offer. Thank you! — OPEN Alumnus, graduated Mar. 2015

Patrick Boone December 12, 2015