A chapter of Experience Unlimited (EU), which is sponsored by the California Employment Development Department (EDD), OPEN supports active job seekers and employers by facilitating professional growth, networking and no-fee placement of local workers with businesses via EDD’s CalJOBS web portal. The services offered by EDD’s Experience Unlimited program are available at numerous locations statewide.

All services provided by OPEN come with NO FEE!

OPEN headquarters is  in Oxnard in Western Ventura County .

  • OPEN meets Wednesdays and Fridays for networking, training, and education. View calendar of topics, times, and locations.
  • Wednesday meetings are for members only.
  • All Friday meetings are open to the public.


Maximize your benefit by becoming an OPEN member and join our Wednesday members-only meetings.

More about OPEN, a chapter of Experience Unlimited

The Experience Unlimited concept started in Berkeley in 1959 and expanded quickly throughout the state. In the late 1970’s the number of chapters began to decline until only four cities retained chapters. In 1986 the concept was revived, and there are currently more than 23 chapters, each of which bears a unique name such as ProSearch, Marin Professionals, GLAPros, and OPEN.

Hundreds of professionals in a wide-range of technical and managerial fields participate in OPEN’s voluntary, self-directed networking groups to lend one another job-hunting assistance and career direction.

EDD’s Job Service offices provide space, equipment, and a staff specialist for each EU chapter. This important service is a response to the needs of communities faced with an increase in corporate mergers, relocations, and downsizing, or an increased number of people forced to change jobs due to industry shifts.

OPEN members work together to network and share job-seeking knowledge and experiences. Results have shown that these activities reduce the length of unemployment.

Most EU members are mid- to upper-level professionals and executives who have lost their jobs due to downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, or leveraged buy-outs. They have expertise in administration, management, finance, personnel, education, engineering, marketing, accounting, computer technology, and various scientific fields. They offer years of experience and often possess advanced academic degrees.

All prospective members begin by attending our 5 day workshop. These workshops include instruction and advice on job search methods, resume writing, and interviewing techniques – plus much, much more. See Join OPEN  for more info.

Members then apply this knowledge and actively seek job openings and interviews by networking, self-marketing, and contacting employers. During this search for work, OPEN members act as a networking and support group, providing advice and encouragement to each other.

EU members have access to thousands of job openings through CalJOBS, EDD’s Internet-based system. Employers also may view EU member resumes in CalJOBS. This augments the prospects for interviews that members develop on their own.